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    Leadership Development and Business Coaching
    • Teach strategies to transform leaders to become highly productive and high performance individuals
    • Train leaders to make excellence a part of their daily mindset and become more influential and persuasive with others who can assist the leader in accomplishing his objectives.
    • Prepare leaders to identify and clearly established compelling goals.
    • Provide skilled training on how to keep focused, set priorities and inspire team members to implement established goals and objectives
    • To train leaders to eliminate mediocrity from their environment and create a culture of high performance and quality.
    • Train leaders to stay focused on executing around your most important values and priorities, in order to produce your desired results more quickly.
    • Provide leader with the ability to adapt to change more quickly and us the change to gain a competitive advantage.

    Persuasion Marketing Training for Leaders

    Train leaders and business owners in persuasion marketing to empower them in how y organize the buying and selling processes so compelling information can be presented about the company’s product or service that will persuade prospects to take a specific action

    • All marketing should inform and persuade your prospects.
    • Marketing is a science that follows a very simple equation.
    • That equation is known as the Marketing Equation Marketing Equation
    • The Marketing Equation contains four basic components:
      • Interrupt
      • Engage
      • Educate
      • Offer
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    Strategic Planning

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    Strategic Planning is essential to the success of any business. We can facilitate owners and senior leadership in developing an integrated strategic plan that builds clarity and consensus that will insure success and the attainment of exponential growth and scalability that will lead to ultimate success. Our process includes key metrics and benchmarks designed to track the speed and pace of efforts and output. Our secret sauce includes a ”A-MAP™”, our proprietary tool for identifying, beforehand, challenges and roadblocks that can sabotage and prevent success of attaining goals and the sustainability of productivity of personnel, sales and revenue.

    Our team-based approach to strategic plan development orchestrates the involvement of key stakeholders in a way that optimizes chances for successful plan implementation. A strategic plan is only as good as your ability to execute it effectively. This is why we also provide proprietary strategies for implementation and execution of tasks, objectives and goals.


    Our approach to organizational assessment usually involves some utilizing proprietary tools and other processes to drill down to understand how people central to the success of the organization think. We are able to get a deeper understanding of each individual that makes up the team, putting in place a common language that cuts through the differences, and creating a climate that celebrates the individual and bonds the collective. The result? Happier employees. Motivated Teams. Better Performance. This includes small medium and large businesses.

    Having the insight we provide of thinking and behavioral attributes empowers a company to develop personal strategies to get results. This is a huge competitive advantage.

    Assessment often also include interviews with senior organizational leaders, key stakeholders within the organization, external industry experts, customers or clients and structured focus groups

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    Selling Your Company Strategies

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    Planning for selling a business should begin long before the time actually arises. That is not always the case.

    The effectiveness of planning, whoever, will have a tremendous impact on the ultimate selling price. We help business owners prepare their exit strategy in a way that enhances the value over time. We train and advise business owners how to put in place, systems, processes and people who are not dependent on him in the day-to-day operations. We also teach principles of scalability.

    We train and coach in getting the accounting and finance systems and books in order. We show them how to protect their intellectual property, prepare to get the highest business valuation possible. We also provide mentoring and coaching for the owners or key leadership on understanding how to read finance, accounting sheets and tax reports.

    Negotiation Training

    A key to operating any successful business is being able to negotiate good deals, both large and small. We provide training that will greatly enhance the owner, CEO or managers tobecome highly effective negotiators. Trainees will learn how to plan, organize and negotiate from a position of strength. We’ll show trainees how to negotiate simple and complex deals, how and when to makeconcessions, when necessary, get around deadlocks and how to handle the difficult opponent. Trainees will actually get to try out the skills you’ve learned in our proprietary simulations.

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      We provide professional business and executive coaching, advisory and mentoring services to small, medium and large businesses, including technology start-ups that provide disruptive technologies in high growth areas. In today’s fast-paced business environment, no company can afford to be without visionary guidance, proven insights and leadership strategies to enable it to keep pace and excel in this new economy. We provide indispensable and reliable forward-thinking approaches to a myriad of challenges to business owners, CEO’s and senior managers designed to not only stabilize, but propel companies to the next level and beyond.

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